Your Healing Guide: What to Expect After a Breast Augmentation

Going under the knife for any reason can be intimidating. Intimidation comes from not knowing what to expect before, during or after a surgery.

A breast augmentation surgery is fairly straightforward. Many women worry more about the weeks after the operation including the amount of pain expected and activities that can be done.

We will be discussing what to expect after a breast augmentation and put any fears you may have to rest. Keep reading for more information!

Recovery Through 48 Hours Post-Op

After your procedure, you will be placed under the care of medical professionals for observation. This is just to ensure that there are no complications from anesthesia.

A friend or family member will be required to drive you home, and once settled your movements will be restricted. This restriction means that any clothes you choose to wear should be laid out prior to surgery and shirts should button or zip up.

During this time, all activity should be limited and sleep should become a priority. Showering also isn’t advised because of the new sutures and the need to prevent infection.

48 Hours to a Week After Augmentation

After the first 48 hours of your surgery, you will likely begin to feel better. At this point, your doctor will likely instruct you to begin displacement exercises.

You will likely be allowed to drive as long as you aren’t on mind-altering pain medications. There will also be a follow up with your doctor to address any concerns, check progress, and change bandages.

One to Three Weeks After The Procedure

At this point, you will be feeling like a better version of your old self. Activities will still be limited, especially those that include the upper body.

Gradually you will begin to add more activities to your daily schedule. Displacement exercises will continue and intense upper body workouts won’t be advised.

Months After Surgery

About four weeks after breast augmentation, you will begin to see your results. As the weeks pass, all exercise will be cleared and runners can hit the pavement.

The tiny scars from where the incisions were will fade and you can begin to enjoy natural-looking breasts.

You’ll have to see your doctor once or twice more just to make sure there aren’t any new concerns and he will explain the need for an MRI every two years.

What to Expect After a Breast Augmentation

Overall, as you can see, the healing process is intense over the first two days. After the first 48 hours, you will begin to feel better quickly and want to get back to daily activities.

It is important to follow your doctor’s advice and restrictions to promote better healing. You should also note that alcohol, nicotine, and blood thinners are the three biggest offenders when it comes to hindering healing.

If you would like more information on what to expect after a breast augmentation, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are more than glad to walk you through any questions you may have or concerns stopping you from pursuing your ideal body!