What to Expect from Your Breast Reduction Recovery

People falsely assume that women with large breasts lead easy lives. Except we don’t.

There’s the expense of buying bras in our size, which are always more expensive than smaller sizes.

Then there are the people (both men and women) who think it’s okay to blatantly stare at our chests or treat us as if our breast size equals our intelligence.

But the number one reason why most women opt for breast reduction surgery is that the extra weight causes strain and pain on our backs. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes prohibits us from fully enjoying our lives.

If you’re planning on breast reduction surgery, you’ll need to prepare for the recovery. Here’s what to expect during your breast reduction recovery.

The Beginning Of Your Breast Reduction Recovery

In most cases, you’ll be able to have an outpatient procedure performed. That means you won’t have to stay overnight and can go home when you feel well enough to leave.

Since you’ll be sleepy and on pain medications, you’ll need someone to drive you home.

Your Recovery Once You’re Home

You’ll find the day after breast reduction surgery that you’ll feel sleepy. You’ll also feel some discomfort.

If you have severe pain, contact your physician as this isn’t normal. Before the surgery, your doctors should have a discussion with you about which pain medications will work best to keep you comfortable.

Keep wearing your bandages and support garments. Refrain from lifting and instead, rest so that your body has time to heal.

Do not attempt to go back to work. Wait until you’re feeling better.

The First Week After Breast Reduction Surgery

For the first week after your breast reduction, you’ll feel swollen and a bit uncomfortable. As you heal, you’ll start to feel better, and you can reduce your pain meds.

Be on the lookout for any signs of infection. Fevers or unexpected discharge are a sign that something might be wrong. Contact your doctor with any concerns.

When you begin to feel better, start by taking slow walks. However, don’t do any heavy lifting or other strenuous tasks.

The Second Week

By the second week of your breast recovery time, there’s a good chance you can go back to work. Especially if your work requires little to no physical movement.

If your job is more strenuous, you may need to take two to three weeks off to fully recuperate.

Don’t worry if you still feel a bit swollen, uncomfortable, or feel weak or tired more than usual. Your body is still healing. Give it the time it needs to heal.

And don’t try to lift heavy items during your second week. That includes your kids, groceries, cat litter, and even your vacuum.

Let others take care of you.

The Third And Fourth Weeks

By the third and fourth week of your recovery from breast reduction surgery, you should start feeling like normal again.

You should feel much less discomfort or swelling, and your energy should return as well.

Most patients are back at work and have resumed their daily routines by this time.

However, if you’re still sore or are experiencing swelling, that’s okay. Both can take a few months to fully subside.

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