Facial Procedures

cosmetic nose surgery

Procedures performed by Dr. Fetter include:


Facelift (rhytidectomy)

Skin and underlying tissue is lifted and repositioned and excess skin and fat are removed…resulting in a more youthful, vibrant appearance.
Facial Implants

Also called contouring, this procedure changes the basic structure of the face. Using carefully styled implants, the surgery can create a more balanced look among facial features.
Forehead Lift

Muscles and skin are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the upper eyelids and minimize frown lines, resulting in a more alert, rested, and youthful appearance.
Autogenous Fat Infiltration

Minimizes laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, and enhances lips. Fat cells are extracted from areas of the body and then re-injected beneath the facial skin.
Ear Setback (otoplasty)

Disproportionately prominent ears can be set closer to the head, creating a more natural contour.