How to Safely Resume Your Exercise Routine after Breast Augmentation

Adjusting to life after breast augmentation can take some time. You’re getting used to your new figure, and your body is slowly starting to heal.

Everyone heals differently, and some people may take longer to bounce back from surgery.

A lot of fitness fans are eager to start working out as soon as they’re out of surgery. Exercise after breast augmentation is possible, but you need to go about it the right way.

Tips For Resuming Exercise After Breast Augmentation

We know that you’re eager to start your old workout routine, but you shouldn’t jump into exercise after breast implants.

It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice on keeping physical activity to a minimum. You won’t be able to run for a few miles and lift weights after surgery, but you can gradually work your way into your usual routine.

When you’re getting back into regular exercise, make sure you follow these tips.

Avoid Chest And Arm Workouts

The easiest way to get your workout routine started after surgery is to avoid working on muscle groups near the breast.

When you’re in the first few weeks of recovery, avoid any chest or arm workouts.

This is especially important for implants that are inserted under the muscle. Muscle contractions can place excess downward and outward pressure on the implants.

The pressure won’t be a problem when you’re healed, but it could cause trouble in the healing period. The implants may become displaced overtime while you’re healing, and you may end up with slightly lopsided breasts.

Get A New Sports Bra

Working out with your newly augmented breasts could take some time to get used to. You may find that your breast movement is a lot more noticeable and could require some extra support.

Try out a new, bigger sports bra that offers you plenty of room.

Your breasts are still sensitive from surgery and could still be swollen for awhile. Wearing a tight sports bra can make swelling worse and could make your workout uncomfortable.

Focus On Low Impact Exercises

Weight lifting and intense running aren’t good exercises for women that have just gone through a breast augmentation, but there’s still plenty of ways you can stay in shape.

Yoga and tai chi are great low impact exercises that can keep you active. Also consider pilates if you’re looking for a way to ease into more intense exercises.

If you can’t live without cardio, look for gentler exercises. Walking and swimming can keep you active and not put excessive strain on your muscles.

Watch For Signs You Should Slow Down

Breast augmentation may be classified as an elective surgery by some insurance companies, but that doesn’t make the procedure any less serious.

Your body is going to be focused on recovery, and when it’s in recovery mode it’s a lot more sensitive.

It’s not uncommon for people to experience swelling, bruising, and drainage for several weeks after their procedure. If you’re still experiencing these problems or notice that they’re worse after a workout, stop the physical activity.

Strenuous activity can raise your heart rate and put more pressure on your already fragile body. If you start to feel overly tired or dizzy during your workout, stop immediately and give yourself more time to recover.

Next Steps

Now that you know how to handle exercise after breast augmentation, you may be interested in learning more about the recovery process.

Check out our post on what to expect for the rest of your recovery. We break down your recovery down week by week so you won’t be caught off guard by any changes.

And remember, we’re here to help. Contact us so we can answer any questions about breast augmentation or plastic surgery you may have.