How to Prepare for Your Liposuction Surgery

There are millions and millions of plastic surgery procedures performed every year. Unfortunately, a notable percentage of those patients aren’t happy with their results.

One way to avoid surgical mistakes or dissatisfaction with your results is to work with a great physician with a solid track record. Another way is to properly prepare yourself and your body for undergoing surgery.

It’s not reasonable or wise to show up for your surgery without doing some things to make sure your results are what you want, and that your healing goes well. Keep reading to find out how surgery preparation for your liposuction procedure can help you.

The Basics: Important Surgery Preparation Protocols

If you’re undergoing liposuction, otherwise known as lipoplasty or just “lipo,” your doctor will advise you to do some things in preparation. It is absolutely vital that you follow these instructions!

Surgery is a trauma to the body, and your surgeon knows what’s best for your health and safety. First, you’ll need to undergo some lab tests.

It’s important that your surgeon is aware of any underlying health issues that might interfere with both your surgery and your recovery. Even if you feel healthy or don’t have obvious symptoms, your doctor still needs to check your blood levels.

You also need to be honest about previous health issues, medications, surgeries or treatments with your doctor. Your health history will give clues to your surgeon so that they can adjust their treatment for you accordingly. Be sure not to stop taking any medications you report to your surgeon. Also, if you begin taking something new prior to surgery, be sure to report that as well.

You will also need to stop smoking. Operating on a smoker is not only difficult for a surgeon, but it makes recovery much more difficult. Smoking affects your cardiovascular system, including all of your veins and capillaries. In addition, it damages your skin and keeps skin trauma from healing well.

Get Your Skin into Top Condition

Another way you can help prepare your skin for liposuction is to follow an awesome nutritional plan. Get as many nutrients as possible, and avoid alcohol or any food or drinks that can cause stress or inflammation.

Be sure to maintain a stable weight. Do not start a drastic diet protocol or gain a lot of weight prior to your surgery. Avoid stressful life events if possible, and stay hydrated.

You should also continue to exercise regularly, which includes strength training. Maintaining muscle mass is essential for your liposuction results.

Your skin will benefit from proper sunscreen use, too. It might not seem important, but covering your skin while you’re out in daylight is essential to prevent skin aging.

Be sure to keep your skin properly moisturized, every day. And exfoliate! You might also want to consider massages prior to your surgery.

Ready for Lipo?

These are some easy, actionable tips for your surgery preparation. Keeping your skin and health in top shape prior to your liposuction will benefit your results and your recovery.

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