How to Maintain Your New Body After Abdominal Liposuction

The colder months are quickly fading away, leading us into the warm, sunny days of summer. And with warmer days comes swimsuit season!

If you’ve recently undergone abdominal liposuction surgery, you’re likely excited to get out there and show off your new, slim physique.

But you should know that while abdominal liposuction is a great way to remove excess fat, it can’t keep fat away.

Therefore, you’ll need to treat your new body right by taking care of yourself. Here are a few ways that you can maintain your brand new body after liposuction.

Establish a New Diet

Diet may be a four-letter word, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. In fact, we often confuse the term’s true meaning, which is simply what we eat.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite foods — it just means that you need to be more careful about portion sizes and nutrition.

Start by ensuring that your new diet is filled with protein. From chicken to eggs to peanut butter or almonds, there are tons of great, protein-rich foods to choose from that taste great, too.

You’ll also want to ensure that your diet contains a healthy amount of fat. We tend to think of fat as the enemy, but certain types of fat, like unsaturated fats found in fish, walnuts, and oils are great for our bodies.

If you’re unsure about your new eating habits, consult a nutritionist who will be able to provide personalized information to help you keep your great new body.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Diet may be the most important factor in maintaining your trim figure, but exercise is almost as crucial.

Some form of daily exercise is ideal, as it strengthens the heart and lungs as well as muscles. However, not everyone has the time to dedicate an hour or more per day to working out.

If you’re strapped for time or are just starting out, make it a goal to exercise at least three to five times per week.

The CDC recommends we get around two and a half hours worth of aerobic exercise (such as cardio) per week, but that doesn’t mean you have to run the whole time.

Anything that raises your heart rate is good for you. From a stroll around the neighborhood to jogging at the local track, aerobic exercise is more versatile than you may think.

Load up your phone with a motivational playlist, new audiobooks, or your favorite podcast to pass the time. Your workout will be over before you know it!

Take Care of Yourself Mentally

Fitness is more than just a physical aptitude, however. You’ll need to take care of your mind, as well.

If you’re stuck in an unhealthy mindset, you’re more likely to resort to past bad habits like binge eating to deal with emotions.

If you’ve struggled with your weight in the past, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask your doctor if they think talk therapy could help you learn some new beneficial habits.

Life After Abdominal Liposuction

You may think that surgery is your final destination on your weight loss journey. In truth, it’s just a catalyst.

It’s up to you to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want to keep your new figure.

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