How Plastic Surgery Offers More Than Just Cosmetic Benefits

plastic surgery benefitsIt can be easy to write off plastic surgery as something that’s strictly for looks, but that’s not the case.

In fact, there’s quite a handful of health issues that can be solved using plastic surgery. These health issues range from birth defects to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Not convinced?

Check out these plastic surgery benefits to learn more:

Improves Respiratory Function

One of the most commonly done plastic surgeries is a rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a “nose job”. This procedure can correct various problems affecting the shape and functionality of a nose.

Rhinoplasty can be used to improve issues like a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates.

A deviated septum occurs when a piece of cartilage that separates the sides of the nose is too far on one side or another. This can cause complications that make breathing difficult.

With enlarged turbinates, the nasal passages become blocked. Turbinates function to warm and humidify the air you breathe.

Allergens and other environmental factors can cause inflammation of the turbinates. When this happens on a frequent basis, breathing can become difficult.

Luckily, both of these issues are simple fixes when plastic surgery comes into play. Rhinoplasty can have you on your way to breathing better and enjoying life more.

Boosts Your Confidence and Mental Health

Aside from providing relief from physical ailments, plastic surgery can help with mental health too.

The interconnection between physical well-being and good mental health cannot be emphasized enough. Time and time again there has been proof showing that happy people are healthy people.

Improved self-esteem is one of many plastic surgery benefits. It can change your life forever.

Those who feel good about themselves are more likely to have confidence in who they are and how they look. This translates to being more likely to go out more and being open to more opportunities.

Similarly, people who are more conventionally attractive are more likely to be successful in their careers. Those who are attractive and confident tend to be offered opportunities more often than their less attractive peers.

Reduces Pain

Though breast augmentation is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, it’s not the only form of plastic surgery performed on the breast.

Another common use of plastic surgery is to perform breast reduction surgeries. In fact, there were almost 60,000 patients who received breast reductions in 2016.

A breast reduction surgery is beneficial to women with excessively large breasts. This problem may cause shoulder and back pain. It can also make physical activity difficult.

Plastic Surgery Benefits Go Beyond the Aesthetic

From improved mental health to pain relief, plastic surgery benefits translate into a better quality of life.

Gone are the days of this type of surgery was used solely for cosmetic purposes.

If you think that plastic surgery could be a good solution for you, schedule a consultation! We’re here to help.