How Do Thigh Lifts Work? Here’s a Breakdown

Over 17 million cosmetic procedures took place in the U.S. in 2017. The majority of procedures were for women.

When it comes to plastic surgery people think of breast augmentation and tummy tucks. But plastic surgery enhances many different parts of the body. For instance, lifting and tightening excess skin left from weight loss.

If you’ve lost a lot of weight and suffer from excess skin on your thighs, thigh lifts are the perfect solution.

Read on to learn more about how thigh lifts work.

Thigh Lifts: What Are They?

Thigh lifts are a surgical procedure. The surgery removes and tightens loose and sagging skin. You’re a candidate for the procedure if you have excessive loose skin on your thighs.

The procedure is commonly used for patients who’ve lost a large amount of weight. The surgery does leave a scar, but most scars fade over time.

Procedure Preparation

The surgeon evaluates your thighs. He’ll note any range of motion limitations and prior surgeries. Preoperative instructions include cessation of smoking and some medications.

Don’t hold any information from your doctor. Tell the surgeon about any vitamins or herbal supplements you take. Some herbs increase the risk of bleeding.

You’ll go off the medications until the doctor says it’s safe to take them.

Share Your Expectations

Before the surgery, discuss your expectations with your surgeon. The surgeon assesses your health and gives a realistic idea of the surgical outcome. The surgeon can give you an estimate of the scar size and placement.

Procedure Details

You’ll have surgery in the hospital, but it’s an outpatient procedure. Make sure someone drives you to and from the hospital. You’ll arrive a couple of hours before surgery for preop.

You’ll have an IV for the administration of general anesthesia. A licensed anesthesiologist gives the anesthesia and monitors your vital signs during surgery.

Once you’re asleep, the surgeon makes an incision. There are three types of incisions for inner thigh lifts:

  • Groin to the back of the thigh
  • Groin to the knee at inseam
  • Groin incision only

The surgeon and patient discuss the incision details before the surgery. The type of incision depends, in part, on the amount of skin that needs removing.

The surgeon removes the excess skin and contours the thighs. After this, sutures deep within the tissues support the contoured skin. Clips, special skin tape, and sutures close the outer incisions.

The Reveal

There’s usually swelling and bruising after thigh lift surgery. Elevate your legs as much as possible for about a week. Avoid vigorous exercise for about a month. You’ll have a permanent scar, but it fades over time.

Enjoy the New You!

If you’ve got loose and sagging skin on your thighs, thigh lifts are a great solution. Thigh lifts are an outpatient surgery that’ll see you back on your feet in about 4-5 days. After the surgery, enjoy tighter, more contoured, younger-looking thighs.

Are you ready for tightened, youthful, attractive thighs? Make your appointment now!

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