Everything You Need to Know Before Getting an Arm Lift

Did you know that arm lift surgery, also called brachioplasty, has increased over 4000% in the last decade? It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice, partly due to the increase in weight loss surgery, but also because new techniques and technologies have made the surgery safer and easier.

If you’re considering an arm lift, you likely have more than a few questions and concerns about the procedure: Am I a good candidate? Will it hurt? How much downtime can I expect? How much will it cost?

Read on to find the answers to these and other common questions.

What Is an Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty is a procedure to surgically remove excess fat and skin from the arm between the shoulder and elbow. There are several different types of arm lift surgery.

A limited incision arm lift (sometimes called a hidden arm lift) can be done when there is only some extra skin and little excess fat. Standard arm lifts are done when the extra skin goes from the underarm to the elbow, and an extended lift is performed when there’s also extra skin along the side of the body.

What Happens During Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is generally an outpatient procedure lasting two to three hours. The procedure is performed in an operating room while the patient is under general anesthesia.

Once the patient is sedated and comfortable, the surgeon will make a Y- or S-shaped incision on the underside of the arm and remove the excess skin. The incision is then stitched closed and dressings or bandages are applied.

Depending on the amount of excess fat present, liposuction is also performed during surgery.

What is Recovery Like?

After surgery, the arm may be wrapped with a compression garment to reduce swelling, and it may be necessary to insert a small drainage tube.

As with any surgery, there is some pain involved with brachioplasty; however, most patients say the pain is quite tolerable and are able to stop taking medication within a few days of the surgery.

Light activity can be resumed within a few days, and most patients are able to resume their regular activities after three or four weeks.

Will I Have a Scar?

Nearly all body contouring procedures involve scarring, and arm lift surgery is no exception. As the incision is generally done on the back (or inside) of the arm, the scar is easily hidden, though may still visible in short-sleeve shirts.

The initial scarring will heal within a few weeks, after which you may wish to speak to your surgeon about scar minimization techniques.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Brachioplasty is a good choice for those who have lost a significant amount of weight, or those who are experiencing skin sagging due to aging.

The ideal arm lift candidate is a generally healthy individual with loose skin on their upper arms, whose weight has been mostly stable and who is not significantly overweight. A non-smoker is most ideal, but if you do smoke, you’ll want to quit several weeks prior to your surgery.

Ready to Start Your Transformation?

Sagging arm skin, while normal after weight loss and from ageing, can make even the most confident person uncomfortable in short-sleeves, tank tops, and bathing suits. An arm lift can go a long way in increasing self-esteem and making you feel confident no matter what you have on.

If you’d like more information on the procedure, or if you’d like to book a consultation, contact our office today.