5 Common Myths About Breast Implants You Shouldn’t Believe

Summer carries a special kind of stress for women with small breasts. Everywhere you go, women are in tank tops or worse, bathing suits. You can’t help but notice how much better they fill out their tops.

If that sounds all too familiar for you, you’ve probably considered breast augmentation surgery. The popular procedure uses medical implants to make your breasts larger.

If you’re like many women, though, you’ve heard some breast implant myths that give you pause. Don’t let them deter you. Here’s the truth behind some of these common myths:

Breast Implant Myths You Should Stop Believing

Before you turn away from surgery, make sure you know the truth about these myths:

Myth #1: It Will Be Obvious You Have Implants

You might think you can always tell when a woman has implants. In reality, the only ones you notice are the ones that look unnatural.

While some women like noticeable implants, most patients today want to look natural. There are plenty of techniques that will offer you this type of results. The key is letting our surgeon know that a natural look is your priority.

Myth #2: The Surgery Will Leave Prominent Scars

Breast implant scars can actually be quite small and hard to detect. It depends on the incision location, the type of implant you choose, and the technique the surgeon uses. In your consultation, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the best options for your desired result.

Remember that most scars are easy to cover with a bathing suit or bra. There are also ways to minimize your breast implant scars after surgery.

Myth #3: Silicone Breast Implants Are Dangerous

It’s true that authorities pulled the original silicone implants off the market in the early 2000s due to safety concerns. After years of extensive study, though, the FDA has approved a variety of new silicone implants that are safe and effective.

Today, most patients prefer the look and feel of silicone implants. Most surgeons also recommend them over saline implants.

Myth #4: If I Get Breast Implants, I Won’t Be Able to Breastfeed

This tends to be a concern for young women who are considering breast implants. While there is a risk that implants will lower your ability to breastfeed, health organizations agree that it’s a small risk.

If you want to breastfeed in the future, discuss this with the surgeon. We’ll be able to use specific techniques that minimize the risk for breastfeeding issues even further.

Myth #5: Breast Implants Will Make My Breasts Perkier

The goal with an implant is to make breasts larger, not perkier. Implants alone will offer a minuscule lift at best.

If your breasts are sagging and you want them to be both bigger and perkier, want to combine your implants with a breast lift. This popular combination can offer you the shape you want, though it does cause additional scarring.

Getting Answers for Your Breast Implant Questions

People love to gab about plastic surgery, so there are more breast implant myths flying around than we can count. It’s important to go to a knowledgeable professional for your answers instead of listening to the rumor mill.

If you have questions or if you’re ready to start your journey toward a better bust, contact our board-certified plastic surgeon.

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