2017: How Cosmetic Surgery Has Changed Over the Years

Medicine is one of the industries that have benefitted most from advancements in technology.

New discoveries and improved techniques lead to better patient care and more successful procedures.

The field of cosmetic surgery is a great example of this. It has changed significantly over the years.

Cosmetic procedures have grown in popularity, and the techniques plastic surgeons used have led to better results and happier patients.

Below, we’re taking a brief look back at the history of cosmetic surgery and how it came to be what it is today.

The History of Cosmetic Surgery

The first documented breast augmentation surgery dates back to 1895, so it’s safe to say that cosmetic surgery has a rich history.

Throughout the early 20th century, plastic surgery rose in prominence. It was used extensively in WWI, and the first training program in the U.S. began in 1924.

The popularity of plastic surgery caught on and began to rise in the 1980s-1990s. That’s when the silicon implants and liposuction procedures that most of us associate with plastic surgery were introduced and started to catch on.

Then Vs. Now

What It Was Then

Plastic surgery used to come with certain associations attached to.

When you pictured a woman who had had plastic surgery you likely pictured someone who looked, well, plastic.

The technological advancements we have today were still years off. When someone had has plastic surgery, it was usually easy to tell.

For example, there used to be few choices when it came to breast augmentation.

Saline implants were the only options, and they often resulted in a very round, hard look. That made it easy to tell when someone had had the procedure.

How It Is Now

The world of cosmetic surgery today looks very different.

Though breast augmentations are still the most popular cosmetic procedure, the surgery itself is very different.

Advancements in technology mean women and men have more choices, and the results are often much more natural.

In fact, achieving a more natural look has become the new goal of plastic surgery. It is not about looking different, it is about looking like an improved version of yourself.

Procedures to improve the face, breasts, body or skin are meant to help patients feel more confident in their appearance as a whole. The focus has shifted from simply wanting to make your breasts bigger or your waist smaller.

Patient education has also come a long way.

As technology helps procedure improve, doctors take it upon themselves to keep patients informed of the changed.

Extensive pre-surgery consultations also ensure that patients understand the implications of the surgery and are comfortable with the expected results.

Where It’s Going

Plastic surgery is becoming less taboo, which will lead to more improvements.

Already, some celebrities and public figures feel comfortable speaking out and being open about procedures they’ve had done.

This means the demand for plastic surgery will continue to increase. There will continue to be resourced dedicated to improving procedures.

All patients should feel comfortable undergoing cosmetic surgery and happy with the results.

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